Red Roses, 2004
Red Roses, 2004

Beth Block Juried Membership Honoraria at the Houston Center for Photography: Three honoraria of $1,000 each will be awarded to artists selected for the HCP’s Juried Membership Exhibition. Winners will b selected by the commendation of the HCP juror. For more information, please click here. Beth’s work was shown in the 2008 exhibition.

Beth Block Undergraduate Thesis Project Stipend at Sarah Lawrence: In honor of Beth’s formative experiences as an undergraduate student at Sarah Lawrence College, the Beth Block Foundation, in conjunction with the Sarah Lawrence College’s Visual Arts Program is offering a $2,000 stipend to an undergraduate student who is undertaking a thesis project or work internship in fine art and/or documentary photography. This award will be administered through the SLC Visual Arts Program.

School of Visual Arts: The Beth Block Foundation, in conjunction with the School of Visual Arts, where Beth earned her MFA in 2001, is developing a travel stipend to support and encourage young artists, engaged in the graduate study of photography, to investigate “real world” issues. The award of $2,000 supports students in their first year, or second year of the three-year program the summer before their thesis year.

Educational Programs: The Beth Block Foundation is engaged in developing and establishing “After School” programs to acquaint and teach school age children, grades K-12, why media literacy is important within their immediate community and the community at large. These programs will take form in hands-on workshops and out-reach community activities. This is currently being accomplished through partnering with and their TIO (This Is Ours) international media projects.

Beth Block Early Career Grant: The Beth Block Foundation plans to offer a yearly grant to a young photographer finishing, or recently graduated from an accredited MFA program in photography. Grants will be awarded by a guest Juror, in coordination with the BBF board. Grants are intended to support the work of young artists who continue Beth’s meticulous and sensitive attention to the emotional fabric and textures of daily life (seen here), while pursuing their own unique artistic vision.